The Alabama Tenants' Handbook


A decent place to live...

More than 500,000 Alabama households live in rental housing. For a long time, there was no state law protecting the rights of renters. As of January 1, 2007, the story changed.  We now have the Alabama Landlord-Tenant Law to help make sure every rental house and apartment is a decent place to live.  The Alabama Tenants' Handbook is designed to help renters understand their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Editorial Partners

Alabama Appleseed Center for Law & Justice, Inc. Alabama 

Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, Inc., is a nonprofit, nonpartisan legal advocacy organization. Its mission is to work for systemic policy reforms in Alabama that achieve justice and fairness for low-income and other vulnerable populations.

Arise Citizens'Policy Project

Arise Citizens’ Policy Project (ACPP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of 150 congregations and organizations dedicated to improving the lives of low-income Alabamians. ACPP analyzes the impact of

current and proposed state policies and educates its members and the public on poverty issues.

Legal Services of Alabama

Legal Services Alabama is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to justice and

quality civil legal assistance to educate and empower Alabama’s low-income community.

Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama

The Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama (LIHCA) is dedicated to increasing housing opportunities

for Alabamians with the greatest financial need.

This 2015 edition, edited by Shay Farley of Appleseed and Jim Carnes of Arise, reflects changes made by the Alabama Legislature in 2011 and 2014.

Cartoonist, Leilah Rampa

Special thanks

Community Service Programs of West Alabama, Inc., Neighborhood Housing Services of Birmingham, Inc., and the Community Action Partnership of North Alabama are the three NeighborWorks® affiliates in the state. In a collaborative effort, they agreed to underwrite the 2015 printing of the tenant handbook. The NeighborWorks® network comprises more than 230 nonprofit organizations working to increase homeownership, produce affordable housing and revitalize neighborhoods in more than 4,400 communities across the nation.

Portions of this handbook were adapted from materials developed by the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands.